Looking for a yoga instruction - with equestrian knowledge.

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Looking for a yoga instruction - with equestrian knowledge.

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I would like to arrange for a couple of sessions with the ladies from the barn I'm at to have some yoga session - but I need someone that has a knowledge of riding, so we can focus on some moves that would assist people with their riding. Either Yoga, stretching or Pilates would be good.
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Re: Looking for a yoga instruction - with equestrian knowled

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I'm not a yoga instructor, but I can tell you that Utkatasana (Chair/Powerful Pose) is excellent for building the strength to post while riding bareback! :sunshine: That being said, I find doing any kind of yoga is good for horseback riding, and it's certainly great to do some when one gets out of the saddle.

Try choosing poses from the subsections on this list of anatomical foci for the areas of the body that you and the other ladies find sore/in need of strengthening. I hope you find an instructor who can help.

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