They can grow new eyes!

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They can grow new eyes!

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Now this is just too cool, and signs of things to come in the near future.
I hope someone is working on new hearing organs too. lol
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Re: They can grow new eyes!

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They grew a new thumb several years ago on a guy by taking his big toe and placing it where his thumb was. A couple months after it was attached it started to shape itself to look and act more like his other thumb which surprised me. Also they are working on growing new hearts from a small starter using the recipients own DNA I believe which might be a great step in medical science. If it happens we wont be waiting for a donor heart on a list like we do today. There is the liver thing that impresses me all to bits. You could give yer kid a very small chunk of yours and he could grow his own from it after that piece is implanted. It is amazing what we will be able to do if they keep doing this stuff.
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