What a year’s worth of makeup looks like

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What a year’s worth of makeup looks like

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Lorianna De Giorgio
Toronto Star

Ever wonder what 365 days worth of makeup looks like? Wonder no longer.

Dutch art duo Lernert and Sander – best known for a 2007 video that showed various appliances, including an iron, melting a chocolate bunny– have created a cheeky new video to show what too much makeup looks like.

Using almost 230 ml (roughly half a can of pop) of makeup — two bottles of liquid blush, seven bottles of foundation, two bottles of cream eye shadow and three lip glosses — Sander Plug and Lernert Engelberts painted the face of Belgian model Hannelore Knuts in one nine-hour sitting. The result: Natural Beauty.

They applied a total of 365 layers of the stuff, using an airbrush gun to coat on the foundation to create a dewy look at the beginning of the video to a ghastly look by the video’s end.

“We always wanted to do something with makeup. We're always amazed if we see a woman walking with too much makeup on. We're gay, so they're not our target group, but we just can't understand what straight guys like about girls with a pancake on their face,” the pair wrote in an email to the Star. “It's this artificial scented layer in between when you start snogging (kissing).”

Knuts, who has appeared on the cover of Italian and Japanese Vogue, was fixed between two white panels for the entire shoot, forcing her to eat and drink everything, including granola and yogurt mix, from a straw.

Sander and Lernert have advice for anyone wearing too much makeup: “We just loved the experiment. But girls, keep it simple and light.”

Video showing application and result
http://www.nowness.com/day/2011/6/29/15 ... ral-beauty


Mission Statement: We wanted to apply 365 layers of makeup in one day to see how much is needed to go from a natural look to an outrageous one.

Production time: It was a relaxed shoot but it took us nearly nine hours non-stop to apply all the layers to Hannelore’s face.

Magic ingredients: Seven bottles of Foundation S103; two bottles of Creamy Eyes E107; three Milky Lips L205 pens; and two bottles of Blush S301. All together 228.40ml of makeup.

Lunch menu: Hannelore was fixed between panels for the whole shoot, so everything she ate or drank came from a straw: juice, and a granola and yogurt mix. I think she had sushi on her train back to Brussels.

Soundtrack: No music on our shoots! Unless we do a music video and the artists need to lip-sync. But we don't like lip-syncing, so that never happens in our videos. Music distracts.

Prep work: We tested a 100-layer session a few days before on our intern, who is a man. We wanted to make sure that this amount of makeup wouldn't kill a person. It didn't kill our intern so we trusted everything would be fine on Hannelore.

Crisis averted: There was always the “we've run out of makeup” stress. But Ellis Faas has her office right around the corner so we could call and get more [Foundation] S103.

Souvenirs: We saved the white construction for Hannelore's face, so if we plan to do a “two years of makeup” we already have the perfect face frame.
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Re: What a year’s worth of makeup looks like

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Eeeeewww! I am so glad I don't wear most of that gunk.. but they left out the mascara - wonder how thick my lashes would be after a year's worth of application? :spinball:
Definitely going to pass that along to a couple girlfriends who wear way too much foundation & lip goop!
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Re: What a year’s worth of makeup looks like

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LOL - it's a rare day I actually wear makeup, I can't imagine doing that to my skin every day!
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