Desperate for Pediatric Specialist

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Desperate for Pediatric Specialist

Post by Moon-Kitters »

Can anyone in the Kelowna or Westbank area direct me to finding a Pediatric specialist?

It has been a very rough, long 5 years for my daughter and I. Since she was 2 months old, she has had severe eczema, to the point where we have tried absolutely everything from changing her diet, to using prescribed creams with steroids in them, to drug store moisturizers, to holistic answers but to no avail. Its frustrating for me, and even worse for her. She looks like someone has tied her to the back of a vehicle and let the pavement cut into her skin. She is always red, scabby, and itchy no matter what we do.

Just recently, I was looking into what might be causing her excessive sweating, which has been adding to the irritation of her skin, and I discovered that Hyperhidrosis is said to be genetic. Her father has Hyperhidrosis, and struggles day to day with it, and now Im terrified to find out that she is going to have the same problems, on top of her suffering already. Is there any kind of treatment for Hyperhidrosis for a child her age? Or a way to control it so that is isn't making her eczema flare up every time she gets excited about something?

She turns five years old at the beginning of September, and starts school that same month. When you ask her to write her name, she sweats from her palms so badly that the paper is soaked through, and she cant use markers because her sweat makes the ink bleed through the paper. On top of that, she wont hold hands with other children or adults because she is embarrassed to have such wet, clammy hands. EMBARRASSED! She isn't even five years old! Kids her age are supposed to be out playing in the grass and having carefree fun, running through sprinklers and playing in pools in the summer. Until this year, I couldn't get her to put on a pair of shorts or even a tee-shirt because she didn't want people seeing her eczema. This isnt the way she should have to go through school. She should be able to relax and enjoy her childhood.

Please, if there is any advice or help you can give me, I am begging you, anything you can do at all for my daughter. I have no where left to go. I have used up all the answers that have been given. The last time I spoke to a doctor about this problem, they simply shrugged and said "My daughter gets diarrhea when she is nervous, nothing I can do for her." My heart is breaking thinking about my little girl not being able to play school yard games because she doesnt want to touch people. Is there a dermatologist willing to go out on a limb and give me some answers? I feel like no one can be bothered to take my case. Please help.
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Re: Desperate for Pediatric Specialist

Post by coffeeFreak »

Sounds like you've been going it alone here? Maybe it's time for a new family doctor if your's has not referred your daughter to a pediatrician.

This guy seems to have a good rating:
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Re: Desperate for Pediatric Specialist

Post by gardengirl »

Dr Stan Szombathy is really nice.
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Re: Desperate for Pediatric Specialist

Post by anniecat »

Dr. Szombathy would be my recommendation as well. My son was having some real issues with skin and allergies and he was fantastic. We did see him through a referral from our family doctor though and it may take some patience to get in. I believe it was a few months before we got in.

If your doctor won't refer you to a specialist such as Dr. Szombathy, then I would definitely start with a new family doctor.

Good luck and I hope you get some answers!
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Re: Desperate for Pediatric Specialist

Post by Libelle »

Dr. Szombathy is a great doctor. He only works on Wednesdays, that was as of a year ago. He has degrees than I have fingers. He was wonderful with my daughter, and had an answer to all of my questions which were many.
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Re: Desperate for Pediatric Specialist

Post by uhohhotdog »

I agree with the recommendation for Dr. Szombathy. He is a very good pediatrician.

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