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Re: Diabetes

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Kelownamade wrote: Nov 20th, 2021, 4:40 pm
Silverstarqueen wrote: Nov 20th, 2021, 4:01 pm
Where exactly did you get this "accurate education"?
Consuming large amounts of information and experience. I have a high IQ and I've put in the work. I woke up when I found out what really happened on 911 and from then on I accepted nothing as accurate until I tested it and or kept updating my opinions as I became wiser. I have changed people's lives after I changed mine. I have seen people who have spent decades in agony by being guided in the wrong direction through the medical system. They are misinformed so they cannot solve the problems. We now know the gut is the key to health and happiness. Food with preservatives/chemicals and empty nutrition along with GMO foods cause your body to become over burdened and your body doesn't have the resources to detoxify all while being malnurished. When you eat garbage food, you feel bad which causes you to not be productive and not enjoy life. THese negative emotions cause a perpetual decline in your love for life and cause you to constantly produce bad chemicals which break down the body. Glyphosate destroys your gut microbiome and it's extremely powerful. Most people seem to believe we are random specs that only live once. This causes people to be unethical and lack purpose. THey are lost souls who are being poisoned and brainwashed through culture/movies/tv/news and the education system.
It was a simple question, and yet in all this verbiage, you still did not answer the question. High IQ or not should be able to do that much. so, no studies, as you say "nothing is accurate", so how do you know what is accurate? You just "became wiser" seems very vague. Where exactly did you get this "accurate education"?

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