Viewpoints on the vaping lawsuits

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Viewpoints on the vaping lawsuits

Post by stuphoto »

I am wondering what others views on vapers suing the manufacturers.

Mine is the doctors and general public have raised concerns since the products first hit the market.
To me it has always been more disgusting than smoking.

So you would have to be an idiot to have ever started.
Suck it up and cover your own expenses rather than go after the taxpayers and companies.
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Re: Viewpoints on the vaping lawsuits

Post by Silverstarqueen »

I don't see how taxpayers would be on the hook, Health Canada I don't think has given these products their blessings (nor has FDA). If people were smoking grey market stuff, or illegal products, or smoke tobacco for 10 years and then got sick from vaping they will have a hard time proving anything, their lungs were already damaged. So only youngish healthy people who used a consistent brand might be able to go after company. If that company was marketing their product as "safe-ish" they will be in deep trouble, but could drag it thru the courts for many years. They should be on the hook, no one expected to end up in ICU from vaping, even smokers of tobacco didn't tend to end up in ICU till they had smoked heavily for ten or twenty years. So it appears that some vaping products are worse than even could have been predicted. Manufacturers obviously didn't test their products carefully first because they didn't care. Ignorance is no excuse. Now that the word is out tho, yeah, you would have to be pretty stupid to continue using, even if you are addicted. Use gums, patches, lozenges, not associated with ICU stays.

I am wondering, with the flu season coming up, will their be now millions of people with lungs that are inflammed from vaping, but they thought they were doing okay, then they get knocked out by flu because their lungs just can't handle it?

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