Fighting for an MRI

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Re: Fighting for an MRI

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Our healthcare system is open to all, and all use it, which leads me to ask questions about why it's easier in the US.
    * How many physicians per capita enter the profession in the US vs Canada?
    * Are there simply more doctors because instead of being a social service it is a for-profit enterprise?
    * Perhaps they're not as busy because a number of individuals' circumstances and lot in life disallow them care and diagnostic services, so it is reserved for those who can pay. If that is the case, how difficult it must be for certain kinds of people here who feel they are displaced in the order of things by those who are beneath them yet ahead in the queue.

I have known people on both sides of the 'wait times' metrics. People with organized information and sound advocacy have also seen faster diagnostics and treatment. The people with lifestyles that promote favourable potential outcomes have seen faster knee surgery and heart bypass surgery. It's sort-of like a 'light' version that moral psychology trolley problem.
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Re: Fighting for an MRI

Post by vegas1500 »

Try a different doctor. A GP should have no problem writing a referral as your paying for it. I’ve requested referrals twice and my doc had no issue giving’s my money. Got in within 48 hours.
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Re: Fighting for an MRI

Post by Kelowna_Born »

Thanks everyone for the replies.

The problem is whenever I go to the ER or go to a walk-in my GP gets the report back. He is a very nice doctor but I think he thinks i'm making him look like a fool by going different places and not waiting for the next appointment. Sometimes a week or two weeks for me to see him again feels like forever when symptoms keep changing.

The problem with the ER is. Unless its a broken bone, car accident, stabbing etc. You get shuffled out pretty quick. I will say this at KGH every time I have went there I have been given very nice care in the ER department and lots of testing.

I can live with these symptoms if they are caused by anxiety/stress but its scares me alot. What happens if one day I wake up blind in one eye, or can't chew my food, or cant lift my one arm. Then what go to the ER and they say well too bad we didn't detect this earlier and put you on blockers or did surgery now this is permanent.

100% in the US I can get in for a no referral MRI by end of week. Same thing for an ENT. I understand I am a bit of a hypochondriac but this referral program in BC/Canada is ridiculous when you willing to spend $1000's on testing.
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Re: Fighting for an MRI

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I sent you a PM

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