Women's Health Concerns

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Women's Health Concerns

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I haven't seen this article on Castanet yet, but I think it is an interesting one worth discussing. I was not one of the surveyed women in the article, but my experiences over the years have me in complete agreement with feeling dismissed by doctors and having my medical concerns downplayed.

Aside from an injury I still haven't recovered from, I have not had any seriously life-altering health issues. I am not the sort of person to run to the doctor for every sniffle, cough or ache, although I don't know if that's just the way I am or the result of feeling dismissed every time I do bother taking a concern to my doctor. I have had to figure things out on my own or continue to repeat myself to my doctor at multiple visits.

For example, after at least six weeks of ankle pain whenever I was walking, I went to see my doctor. He didn't even touch my foot, but condescendingly told me that sprains can take six weeks to heal. He didn't have a response when I told him this was now more than six weeks, and I have had sprains before and this was different. He sent me on my way. I did my own research, changed my work shoes (on my feet all day), and then talked my doctor into referring me for orthotics. The pain went away quickly after I changed the shoes, but my doctor couldn't seem to be bothered to take my concern seriously.

Another example, I had unexplained random spotting for several years. Despite mentioning it to my doctor on several occasions, he always brushed it off or ignored it. It took those several years of my saying this is not normal before he finally sent me to an OB/GYN. Within 3 months of seeing the specialist for the first time, I had an outpatient procedure done and then a hysterectomy, where it was discovered that I had several fibroids.

Dealing with my GP during my injury has been nothing but frustrating from his initial misdiagnosis to his chastising me for seeking a second opinion to errors on my medical paperwork and screwups with scheduling. When my physiotherapist and chiropractor both said I should get surgery, my doctor refused to send me for a referral...until several months later. I could write a book about my frustrations with him, but I recently found a new doctor who would take me on as a patient and she is a breath of fresh air. My new doctor actually listens and sees me. She is taking my concerns with my lack of healing seriously and is, so far, actively trying to get me surgery so I can stop being in pain.

I know some women do have good doctors, but those women seem to be in the minority.
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Re: Women's Health Concerns

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This is why I see a female GP. I've never had issues with my concerns being taken seriously by my doctor.
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Re: Women's Health Concerns

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I've had good male doctors for the most part. I've also had some simply terrible specialists. One (back when I was around 22) talked to my husband instead of me at the consult for my thyroid. Can't remember his name, he was a certified anus though.

I've also had a female specialist who was simply rude. She had no bedside manner at all and her rate md entry showed this. She got the job done though. Another specialist my husband had was not only rude but caused him pain - husband almost punched him.

I think that doctors/specialists need a course on how to appropriately interact with patients. Make it mandatory. The doc I have now is very good - he listens to concerns and asks me what direction I would like my treatment to go.
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Re: Women's Health Concerns

Post by RustyCrayon »

I've had terrible female and male GP's as well.

A female doctor caused me significant and unnecessary pain during an exam several years ago. I also had a male doctor tell me that I had high blood pressure and needed to take medication to get it under control. When I asked what other options there were, without taking his eyes off his computer screen, he told me that I should lose some weight. I'm 5'6" and weigh 134lbs.

I'm extremely fortunate to have an excellent family doctor now. It doesn't matter whether they are male or female, as long as they are respectful and listen to my concerns.
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Re: Women's Health Concerns

Post by perspicacious »

Oye! I totally agree. I don't like to go in but I am also the biggest advocate of my own health as no one cares more about my health than me. I go in and I get less than half way through my first sentence of my issue and I'm told that it's a part of getting old. I've also sat in my GP's office and watched them google issues to show me. I know how to bloody well google symptoms, I need solutions - not someone telling me that this is as good as it gets when you are peri-menopausal.
I'm so fed up with the medical system.
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Re: Women's Health Concerns

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I have a female doctor. I've gone to her for many many years. Sometimes I feel she kind of dismisses me for voicing my issues. One time I said "it hurts when I do this". Her reply was "well then don't do that". Sheesh ! And yes, I get the whole "well you're ageing and that happens".
I mean it get it … yes I'm not 19 yrs old anymore HOWEVER I don't quite think it's time that I start searching for decent grave digging shovels. I hopefully think I still have some good years left to live but it's a bit frustrating when you know there are probably available options to help your health concern but your doctor is not exactly that forthcoming with advice. When I do my own research from what I hope are reputable websites (John Hopkins, etc.) and she blows it off as "well, the stats are not in for that" I sometimes feel she's a bit ticked off - almost like I'm "going above her" for advice.

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