Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

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I have become very frustrated with the medical system. I would be interested in hearing the thoughts from anyone who has used or is using Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have spoken to a couple of people who use TCM and they agree that they have seem wonderful results. Your thoughts and opinions please.
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Re: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Post by alanjh595 »

I have limited experience with TCM, but here a photo that I took of a TCM pharmacy.


I can attest to the incredible power of reflexology. My first experience was in China, and given by an old man. He did things to my feet that caused minor discomfort to my feet and hands that caused very strange sensations in other parts of my body.
It was done in a "public view-able"/mall type booth, I groaned/yelped out loud several times, and attracted a large group of onlookers to see a western man get a treatment. There were some giggles from the crowd. I felt great afterwards.
So much so that every town I visited after that, I sought out a practitioner and received a treatment every night before bed.

The other experience that I had was the head/neck/shoulder and hand massages that I received after a haircut, it was just part of the service. They felt so good, that I was getting a haircut every day. It started with a 4 stage wash/rinse/wash/ rinse, usually laying down on a bed with your head in a sink. Then ended with the most wonderful head/neck/ hand and finger massage. This took all of 45 minutes, it cost me $5.00.

There are some aspects of TCM that I believe in and have benefited from.
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