Judge Agrees with Vaccinations

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Judge Agrees with Vaccinations

Post by Fancy »

A Salmon Arm judge says the father of two boys has the right to ensure his children receive necessary immunizations and dental treatments, despite objections from the children's mother.
In rejecting the mother's submission of Bark's report and the doctor's qualification as an expert in what is called vaccine adversomics, Frame sides with public health officials, writing "the current best evidence is that vaccination is preferable to non-vaccination."

"It is difficult to know whether this is junk science or a recognized emerging field," Frame wrote of Bark's report on adversomics, adding that the document sounds more "like a conspiracy theory" as it is presented.

https://www.castanet.net/news/Salmon-Ar ... ren#274792

I feel for the children caught up in this battle and good on the dad to want what's best for his children.
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Re: Judge Agrees with Vaccinations

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I feel elated that the children are being taken care of by the father and the courts.

The mother should be charged with reckless endangerment to a child.
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Re: Judge Agrees with Vaccinations

Post by smoky500 »

Agree that the judge got this right. Sad that children get caught in the middle of childish/selfish parental decisions where they make choices without thinking about the children. I know of another case where the father is denying treatment for his daughter that benefits her health and well being but he refuses to give consent. Glad to see a precedence has been set here that gives treatment consent and control of the childs welfare to one parent.

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