Shoppers Touching/Not Buying

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Re: Shoppers Touching/Not Buying

Post by damama55 »

Save on Foods also has their bulk section all wrapped and not accessible, at least here in Lake Country.
One thing I noticed the other day, at Dollarama by Superstore, was the abuse the young lady had to endure at the door. She was doing crowd control and she had a couple of people cursing at her!! She pointed to the sign and told the idiots that it was the law. Still one guy snuck in, and she had to tell him to get out.
People, we are all going through this together, and being rude and obnoxious is not called for. If I were the manager I would bar ANYONE that treated my staff badly.
Thank you to ALL who are doing their BEST and keeping their cool. We do appreciate all of you.
Take care stay safe and healthy.
May we all be a blessing in the days ahead.
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Re: Shoppers Touching/Not Buying

Post by alanjh595 »

My S-O-F store has now opened up their bulk section again.
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Re: Shoppers Touching/Not Buying

Post by OKkayak »

People are touching things with their hands?

Oh! The humanity!

Seriously, folks simmer down. You'd be a fool not to touch things and put it back all the time, reading labels, checking ingredients, checking freshness, etc. You seriously can't expect people not to be able to hold fresh produce up to their nose to check for ripeness now, do you?

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