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Have you ever held your dead sons body? Felt the ridgid lifelessness? Have you ever seen the life go out of someones eyes you don't know as you rush to do what you can to save them..falling back in a gush of tears and snot and running...
Have you ever had the blood of someone on you as they look at you like *bleep*? Sometimes it is to much. Too much for one person.
I was a first responder once. It haunts me. I fight every day to lead a normal life. The horrors are there. So manyhave no idea. None. Zero.
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Re: Horrors

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My heart is sad for your loss.

My dad was a paramedic. He’s retired From it, but I don’t believe for one second the things he saw/experienced will retire from his thoughts.

May someday your grief give way to sadness and then your sadness be comforted by fond memories of your son.
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Re: Horrors

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We have two kids who are first responders. Both have experienced their share of the horrors.
One in particular has gone through hell for the past two or more years and only through counselling and family support has managed to keep his sanity.

These are jobs that I would not recommend to anyone but the toughest.

As for your first sentenceprankster, that is a horror I could not imagine. It is beyond my comprehension.
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