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Re: Valley medical labs

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The only solution is to bring in more immigrants to slow things down so we are equal in medical care with the third world.
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Re: Valley medical labs

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Example: Summerland

There is an Interior Health laboratory in Summerland. I've been using it for past 13 years. Like many have indicated with their local labs, there are slow times and busy times. Monday mornings are always busy, good time not to go.

Now,,, Covid-19.

About a year ago I attended for a few tests, hadn't been there for a while, with Covid-19 I knew things would be "different".

The foyer was now an "outer reception area". A bunch of questions, mandatory mask, 4 seats spaced apart. Anyone arriving after the 4 seats were full was given a pager and told they'd be paged to enter.

As people came out of the normal reception area, through a door, people occupying seats in the outer area were allowed in to the normal reception area. That area had half the seats it normally had, sat and waited and got the test, not a biggie.

This June, I have a yearly test that requires bloodwork before. The blood work must be completed not more than X days before the test but at least X days before the test so it can be received before the test.

I drop in to the Summerland clinic. I have two weeks before the hospital test, so need the blood work. Door locked, the usual thousand signs of all sorts pasted all over the door. Long and the short "you must now book an appointment to get a blood test here". You can either go on line or call "this number".

I go on line earliest available blood test is 2 weeks 2 days away. For a blood test that I would normally drop in to the clinic and wait 30 minutes and get with absolutely no appointment !

So on line didn't work, so I called the number. I could get in for a blood test at PRH today or the next day, or a private clinic just about as soon.

So go from driving a few blocks waiting 30 minutes, test all done. To driving from Summerland, parking at PRH, going through the process of entering the hospital, getting the test and driving home.

Great system.

Oh, and go to the web site for Interior Health to get info about how to get a test in Summerland. Good luck.
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Re: Valley medical labs

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Went to the Lab downtown this afternoon for my 90 day blood tests.

4 -5 people ahead of me and I was out of there in less than 30 min.
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Re: Valley medical labs

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Bsuds wrote: Oct 20th, 2021, 5:06 pm Went to the Lab downtown this afternoon for my 90 day blood tests.

4 -5 people ahead of me and I was out of there in less than 30 min.
I go to one at Capri, I know to book an appointment roughly 3 weeks in-advance (have Doctors Office fax tests wanted). In and out in minutes

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