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Re: It's Covid Video Time!

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alanjh595 wrote: Oct 5th, 2021, 7:08 pm

The most honest and effective journalist today. Anyone who says he "Debunked" is a liar or simply ignorant. If ignorance is the case, you have no place debating these topics. Imagine being someone who fights for an injection when they have only listened to one of the debate..... Would that person be responsible? Doing half the work and then risking children's lives based upon that. " Oh nobody is dying, I trust corporate media and Fauci" What about the videos exposing the lying and corruption in the hospitals and the pharmaseutical companies? " uhhh fake news, the data says it's all the vaccinated in the hospital" What about the nurses who spoke out and said it was the opposite and that the paper work isn't being transferred on most vaccine forms from injection sites..... " Can't be, I trust warlords to be honest, I know they said they want to lower population and this shot has nobody liable for it but myself, I assumed powerful right warlords would protect and treat me different than the innocent humans they have killed before.....
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Re: Comments on covid videos

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