Vax Mandate

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Re: Vax Mandate

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QANON followers will believe anything. A group of them gathered in Texas this week because JFK senior and junior were supposed to come back to announce that Trump is now president. I can't believe that they think this stuff is true!
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Re: Vax Mandate

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Silverstarqueen wrote: Nov 4th, 2021, 9:23 am They are just freely makin' stuff up now. Impossible to have a debate with flat out liars, no basis in reality at all. This is how desperate they have become.
They have been making stuff up all along, but since so many have doubted them (they hate that) and researched and found alternative, factual, provable, evidence to show that their doubt in the anti-vaxxers/CT's was correct and have now totally disregarded anything that they have to say, they are getting even more desperate to attract attention to their faction and cause.

I have absolutely no respect for anti-vaxxers and their close cousins, conspiracy theorists. I never have had any respect for their ideas or preaching's.
I how that the more of society becomes as disenchanted and distrustful of these cults to the point of chastising them completely from all society.
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