Beer and food for the fireworkers?

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Re: Drunken Workers

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BoB76 wrote:Are these businesses stupid? What could you possibly need if you are evacuated from your house for 3 days? You get food vouchers etc so why would you need stuff donated by CDN tire. All it's about is advertising!

There was 3000 people evacuated, many were sent to a new seniors centre in town that had not yet opened doors to residence and thus had no furniture. I suppose these businesses thought they deserved something to sleep on, and sleep with. I suppose if everyone thought the way you did the world would be a cold place. I personally know that Canadian Tire West Kelowna donated 10k worth of air mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows and water and their staff volunteered their time delivering and setting things up, and even after hearing your comments would do it again as thats how you react as a community. I hope you shall never be in such a circumstance, and evidently if you were you would prefer to sleep on the floor.
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Re: Beer and food for the fireworkers?

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Everyone knows somebody to stay with..... Your argument is invalid with me. The stores have given out all this stuff and I'd bet less than half of it got used for it's intended purpose. Besides the evacuees for the most part were given time to get out which means that they had time to grab a pillow and a sleeping bag.
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