RDCO parks closed

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RDCO parks closed

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As a result of the high to extreme fire hazard and extremely dry conditions, the Regional District has closed several Regional Parks until further notice.

• Hardy Falls Regional Park
• Trepanier Creek Greenway Regional Park
• Coldham Regional Park
• Glen Canyon Regional Park
• Kalamoir Regional Park
• Rose Valley Regional Park
• Stephens Coyote Regional Park
• Scenic Canyon Regional Park
• Mission Creek Greenway (Phase 2)
• Mission Creek Regional Park (Sutherland Hills area on the south side of Mission Creek only)
• Mill Creek Regional Park

Communications Officer Bruce Smith says, “These closures will remain in effect until further notice. Extended forecasts predict continued high temperatures well into next week and that raises the potential danger of a serious fire. Many of these parks that are closed are in forested areas with challenging terrain and in close proximity to subdivisions and neighbourhoods.”

Residents are asked to stay out of closed parks and obey any signage. Anyone found inside a closed Regional Park could be subject to a fine of $500.
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Re: RDCO parks closed

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Who is out there enforcing these park closures? No one. Watch at the Glen Canyon trail head at the end of Webber road as people stroll past the park closed sign. These inconsiderate people are ignoring the rules and letting their dogs cr&p in the closed park as usual. These are same "people" that will scramble to get their junk out when the canyon is on fire.
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Re: RDCO parks closed

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As with most things on the honour system there are lots of people with no honour.
Hafa adai

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