Brush Fire?/Grass Fire?/Or WILDFIRE?

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Brush Fire?/Grass Fire?/Or WILDFIRE?

Post by BoB76 »

Why has every little fire suddenly become a WILDFIRE? Is it the media? Is it everyone wanting more attention? When I see "breaking news" and it's some .1 hectare WILDFIRE in some grass it annoys me that it even makes the news.
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Re: Brush Fire?/Grass Fire?/Or WILDFIRE?

Post by Bubalouie »

Gee I don't know Bob, maybe people remember the fire some years ago that a lot of property was destroyed and they are more concerned now than they used to be.................
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Re: Brush Fire?/Grass Fire?/Or WILDFIRE?

Post by Frisk »

Basic definition of a wildfire: An uncontrolled fire burning in a natural environment.

Brush, grass, forest, they are all classified as wildfires. Typically when a fire is first discovered it's listed as 'wildfire' by the media because they don't immediately know what fuel type the fire is burning in.
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Re: Brush Fire?/Grass Fire?/Or WILDFIRE?

Post by trapp »

Wildfire: “An unplanned or unwanted natural or human-caused fire, or a prescribed fire that threatens to escape its bounds.”

Initial fire reports refer to them as incidents. This has nothing to do with Media, it is Forestry term as defined above. It has nothing to do with size. The terms brush, grass, forest, sawdust pile, slash, slash pile are all types of wildfires.
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Re: Brush Fire?/Grass Fire?/Or WILDFIRE?

Post by vinnied »

If the media was to use the term "Firestorm" without just cause, then you can be up in arms. Wildfire? meh, no biggy.
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Re: Brush Fire?/Grass Fire?/Or WILDFIRE?

Post by Symbonite »

Im with Bob on this one...everything is a exageratted WILDFIRE when there is a match lit. Whatever happend to Forest Fires of pre 2003?
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Re: Brush Fire?/Grass Fire?/Or WILDFIRE?

Post by Always Sunny »

It's either a structural fire, or a wildfire. Unfortunately for you, you don't care for the terminology.

Smokey says:
"Wildfire" is the term applied to any unwanted, unplanned, damaging fire burning in forest, shrub or grass and is one of the most powerful natural forces known to people

The "wild" in wildfire doesn't refer to it's size or level of destruction by the way. It's the fact that it originates in nature or "wilderness".

You want a different numbering system for brush, grass, forest, slash pile, etc. fires?? No, they're all going to be classified as a wildfire.

Ever considered the fact that EVERY wildfire starts off as <0.1 hectares? Fact of the matter is, they all start the same, they don't wait to see where they end up before classifying it.

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