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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by alanjh595 »

Lynn K wrote: Feb 21st, 2023, 1:58 pm
Old Sailor wrote: Feb 21st, 2023, 1:43 pm

In his case it might just be an executioner... :biggrin:
Yea, huh. I wouldnt advise a client to leave a copy with an executor either.
But, you get what you get when you seek free legal advice on an internet forum. Theres plenty of evidence of that just in the preceeding responses.
That goes BOTH ways.
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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by ferri »

:-X :topic:
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Lynn K
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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by Lynn K »

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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by normaM »

so people have complex Wills so getting a Lawyer wtg
Plus then you can be assured it has been filed
test that assumption at your earliest convenience
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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by Lynn K »

normaM wrote: Feb 22nd, 2023, 5:56 am so people have complex Wills so getting a Lawyer wtg
Plus then you can be assured it has been filed
As to a will being "filed", in bc it is not law for a will to be registered, unless it is probated, in which case it'll be after the testator's death.

A law firm may or may not register a will unless requested when the will is made. Many advise and register it at that time and offer to store it inclusive with their service, and add the fees. Many law firms no longer store wills for their clients.

Wills in bc get registered with the bc vital statistics agency in Victoria. There are private registries in canada also, but not typically used in bc.

Registering a will simply allows it to be found at the time of death, ie, bottom drawer of my office desk, hall closet, safe deposit box at bank, etc.

It is not mandatory to register a will, but if it cannot be found, the deceased is considered died intestate, and provincial law governs the distribution of the estate.

The benefit of registering a will (besides the obvious that it can be found) and keeping it yourself is, as your estate situation changes (they do) you can amend your will without inconvenience of attorney appointments, costs, etc.

It's responsible planning to make and register your will. You can do it yourself, or hire a notary or an attorney . Many wills arent registered, in spite of the very low cost to do so.

If it cannot be found, it's as if it doesnt exsist.

While you are considering your estate planning, also consider the importance of power of attorney and representation agreement.
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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by DarbyD »

Lynn K wrote: Feb 21st, 2023, 1:16 pm
alanjh595 wrote: Feb 21st, 2023, 12:01 pm

A Public Notary will do that for you. Leave a copy with the executioner that was named in the will.

Easy peazy.
You may mean notary public and executor.
Ha ha I got a chuckle out of the "executioner" comment! :200:
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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by seewood »

Barstool08 wrote: Feb 21st, 2023, 10:18 am Unfortunately, my life is getting too complicated for a do-it-yourself will.
If it gets complicated a notary may balk. One we went to did. We have two wills as we have a blended family.

Went to Neil Wyper in Penticton and he has it sorted perfectly. Affordable and a great guy to deal with. Highly recommended.
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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by GordonH »

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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by featfan »

I used Entrust Lawyers to handle my mom's estate.
Very happy with the outcome.
They asked me how I found them.
Told them I typed in Probate lawyers and they came up as one of many in Kelowna.
Was then asked why them and said I looked at their staff picture and it was all women.
I then said a line Margaret Thatcher said many years ago.
If you want something said ask a man.
If you want something done ask a woman.
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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by Catsumi »

If you want something done ask a woman..
Always has and always will be that way.
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Re: Recommend Lawyer for Will

Post by Queen K »

Clearance Certificate.

Before you start anything as an Administrator or an Executor, Google search "Obtaining a Clearance Certificate" and also, what happens if you distribute property when you are NOT either, before a Clearance Cert. if obtained.

Once you get the list of what is needed for Clearance Certificate you will have a good idea on keeping all the documents together in a file or stack. You need to complete form TX19, a separate form to Revenue Canada for getting this Clearance Certificate, fill it out and then send it all.

Also, don't panic if CRA sends you a threatening letter in regards to payment of due taxes. They do that. Once you Pay the taxes at the bank you take in the provided sheet and the teller fills in what you paid. And dates it. The bank statement also shows that you paid it to CRA.

IF you have to phone CRA for anything you have to prove you have all the information they need to confirm that they are talking to the right person.

I get that people need lawyers, in some ways I wish I used one but that's life.
Spend some time and money on establishing an Estate plan, a Legal Will, your wishes and who is the Executor. Watch Grant of Probate videos. Understand the process to help yourself and loved ones.

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