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Re: Window Replacement

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^^ my husband got a set of high end bath tub taps for our soaker tub from a well known plumbing place here for $150...they were going for $1000...there's many suppliers that have a boneyard clearance section..

and there's many certified Tradesmen offering services on would be surprised how many people now use FB marketplace when they are looking for a service..
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Re: Window Replacement

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It amazes me how fast things will sell on marketplace.

I have sold items in as little as 15 min.

Price it right and they will come. :up:
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Re: Window Replacement

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Jlabute wrote:We received a quote for two exterior doors from 'Centra' in Victoria who contract for Home Depot. Our quote came in at $8700 minus a discount to $7500. We thought, holeeeee moleeee Batman, is that what doors cost these days, with a discount? We then checked two other companies for quotes. A certain kelowna company uses the same catalog as Centra and they quoted us on the exact same two doors with installation (and I mean exact) which came in at $3975. SO, do some companies markup stuff up? Yup, for sure.
Mind you, these are $1500 doors with exotic locks so installation is not the bulk of the cost. Centra was just about double the cost.

Could you send me a pm as to who gave you the lower price. I think some of these companies throw highballs. I could do it myself if I had my right hand man, I'm a lefty!!


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