Veterinarian for Pigs

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Veterinarian for Pigs

Post by emilymayzes »

Does anyone know of any vets in the Kelowna area that will care for pigs (pot belly)? Thanks for any recommendations.
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Re: Veterinarian for Pigs

Post by just popping in »

Perhaps call the SPCA, they would probably know.
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Re: Veterinarian for Pigs

Post by Bsuds »

Have you tried calling any? You would think they could refer you to one who does.

Try calling this place. They might know.
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Re: Veterinarian for Pigs

Post by GordonH »

Closes thing to an Farm veterinarian I could find is one for Horses.

Since pot belly pig is similar to a regular one. One would think there are number of people in the area with pot belly pigs.

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