Motorcycle riding school

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Motorcycle riding school

Post by Even Steven »

Looking for a school to teach me how to ride. Mature driver, but never been riding a bike.

Looked at two schools - one is Vtwin Motorcycle School, another one is Kelowna and District Safety Council.

Which one is better in terms of the way they teach?

The cost is identical. Lenght is identical.

Anybody had experience?
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Re: Motorcycle riding school

Post by lifegives »

I did VTwin 10 years ago, compared them both and this one fit my schedule better at the time.

Good instructors, got through without a problem (though I'd been riding since I was 12, just needed to make it legal). As I remember it the mix of people in the class with and without experience and they worked well with those who needed it more. Solid focus on safety and awareness.

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