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Re: Portable air conditioners

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flamingfingers wrote: Nov 13th, 2021, 7:52 am The styrofoam is a good idea, alanjh, but I can't use it for a couple of reasons - one being that it cools down here at night to a bearable low 20s so I need to be able to easily open the sliders to take advantage of cool and fresh air. My sliders and side panels are double sealed units that are very efficient and I have a pull-down Mylar shade that runs the width of my balcony so the sun's rays don't reach the SGD. My balcony faces due West so the mornings up to about 11 o'clock are tolerable. From then to roughly 10 at night it is the precursor to hell.
I appreciate your suggestions - thanks!
This stuff works well. I have used it in our 5th wheel.

https://www.homedepot.ca/product/reflec ... 1000167785
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Re: Portable air conditioners

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In my experience the portables are quite inefficient. If you have to go that route make sure your exhaust hose has as short of run as possible as it can get real warm and put a lot of heat back in the room. You could insulate the exhaust hose really well and probably mitigate much of that. Otherwise an 8000 btu window shaker will cool that room fine if you always keep the filter clean. I have a tiny 5000 btu unit for a 300sqft room that makes it too cold if I set it too low, but remember with a window shaker 55-65db is the normal noise level unless you spend the big bucks for something quieter.

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