Bike helmets

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Bike helmets

Post by MAPearce »

Ok , not really a referral but...

Does anyone know of a kid who could use a good used bike and/or skateboard helmet ?

We have a few of each that didn't get much use and now are just sitting there in a closet and we'd like to give them to someone that needs them instead of doing the "Sally Ann" or "Share" thing .. We know the cost of things are getting out of hand and would rather give them away to someone who doesn't need to spend anymore to get out and ride .

PM me
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Re: Bike helmets

Post by Catsumi »

Nice move, Mike
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Re: Bike helmets

Post by normaM »

Thats really nice, if no one PMs you give them to the Boys and girls club
Thats where I gave ours
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