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Re: EI

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Okay - I need some info from those in the know. It has been many years since I have had to deal with EI.

Someone I know is on EI and having trouble finding a job that pays decently and is in the field they were working in. They are going to school in the fall.

Is it worth getting a short-term lower-paying job to pause EI before they go back to school? If they do, will their EI decrease because they got a lower-paying job?

Best course of action?

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Re: EI

Post by MAPearce »

Take ANY job over EI .I can't imagine the wage being too much lesser just because it's the Brokenagan as there is a shortage of workers and wafes have gone up some..

Also , as I understand, EI works on an average of wages over 52 weeks HOWEVER , since your pal is going to school in the fall it may affect their benefit amount as EI uses the highest employee earnings over 52 eligible weeks to calculate benefits. This would depend on when they started their claim . If they still work at a lesser pay rate and they're somewhere in the middle of the claim they should be ok as they're still paying into the system and said weeks still accumulate instead of running out .If and when the claim does run out , any new claim will be calculated after so many eligible weeks of work have been accumulated .

I'd suggest that your pal check with the schools councillor about eligible benefits EI has to offer AND to TALK to an EI rep (good luck there) To make sure .

My suggestion is to take the work over EI any day . Like money in the bank , you'll have at least some if you keep putting a little in instead of letting it run dry .
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Re: EI

Post by gardengirl »

I would suggest they speak to an Employment counsellor. For some training, EI will sponsor it. So you need to have an open claim. They would pay for the tuition and continue to pay the EI for the duration of the course.
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