Furnace/AC Replacement

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Furnace/AC Replacement

Post by Barstool08 »

Living in a small tower in Kelowna. Who would you recommend for furnace/ac replacement. What are reasonable prices? Should a person get 3 quotes?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Re: Furnace/AC Replacement

Post by alanjh595 »

I have used Coral and highly recommend them.

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Re: Furnace/AC Replacement

Post by mexi cali »

Depending on the type of unit, costs are anywhere from 6 or 7k up to and beyond 11 or 12k today.

Stick to the more well know companies such as the aforementioned Coral, Border, Wightman etc. Also ask about any available rebates.

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Re: Furnace/AC Replacement

Post by normaM »

I second Wightman, used them for years , always great service and pricing
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