Silent Majority in Summerland: Urban Growth Strategy

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Re: Silent Majority in Summerland: Urban Growth Strategy

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One thing that has to be addressed is Summerland committees, the WHOLE organization, all has to be revamped and changed and new regulations must come into place. This is something many residents have complained about and MUST CHANGE.

Historical we have had the same members, joining on committees and road blocking any productive healthy change in Summerland. An idea we have been throwing around is, if you are on a committee, you can only be on it for 2 years then you are not eligible for that specific committee until 2 years have passed. There needs to be fresh blood on these committees. We need to be innovative and advertise more and engage our younger generations to participate and volunteer for these committees. We are tired of the same people over and over again and a lot of them are STS members, their ideas have become stagnant and redundant, with too much self interests involved.
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