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Re: Kelowna Mayoral Race

Post by KelownaResid »

After reading the write up on the Centro Consulting website regarding Colin's 2011 campaign and in particular the line "At the end of the day it's a popularity contest", Colin's actions over the last 8 months is starting to make more sense. Since this is a popularity contest it is probably why Colin was the first to announce his bid to run for mayor back in Apr or May 2014 and why he had a Meet Colin event back in June 2014 at the Rotary Centre. Colin has also received numerous endorsements from key people in our community again adding to his popularity. When Colin is questioned on his experience at the forums, he continually goes back to the fact the Walter Gray and Blanleil are endorsing him. How else can you justify applying for a top level job position with limited experience? Colin has a nice website, extensive promotional materials, large colourful election signs. Colin's strategy is to increase his popularity with the voters, it was successful for him in 2011 and he is hoping it will work for him in 2014.

I think if voters reviewed section 116 of the Community Charter and read the responsibilities of a mayor and ask themselves how important past experience is in municipal politics and leadership in being a successful mayor, it becomes more clear who the best candidate for mayor is.
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Re: Kelowna Mayoral Race

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Decided today I am voting for Sharon Sheppard. Basran is too young, inexperienced, little to no education, has never worked in a management capacity, has little community involvement , cannot speak without notes from his henchmen, and has been bought and paid for by six wealthy businessmen. I feel he will be their puppet as they will call in the favour IF he gets elected.
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Re: Kelowna Mayoral Race

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Gilchy wrote:
So, according to you, he should have publically stated that he did want the endorsement of the largest employer in town? That would be showing integrity?

No, to me he should have tried to get elected on his own merits and not pandered to the Dirty Half-Dozen. Sadly historically money does buy elections so any votes he gets can be largely chalked up to throwing money at the cause. There are lots of ways to show integrity and other candidates are doing it.

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