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Re: Lake Country municipal election

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Taranis1964 wrote:In response to Rwede:

From Elections BC website ( Special Voting – The District Electoral Officer may establish special voting opportunities to assist eligible voters who wish to vote but are unable to attend a regular voting place on General Voting Day because they are in a hospital, mental health facility, remote community or work camp, long-term care facility or correctional centre.

Neither the incumbents nor any other candidate had anything to do with taking polling stations to care facilities. As mentioned by others, it happens in many municipalities. The people in these facilities are citizens who have the right to vote like any other eligible voter, but due to circumstances cannot make it to a regular polling station.

You seem to be insinuating that allowing this to happen is vote manipulation. The same could be said for not allowing them the opportunity to vote.

Thanks for being the first one who bothered to answer the question that I asked.
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Re: Lake Country municipal election

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It is usually the hospital poll.
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Re: Lake Country municipal election

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The communities that make up the district are once again asking for polling stations in their own areas.
This is not only a budget issue but a staffing issue as well.
They will be looking at it again... maybe in 4 years there will be a change
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Re: Lake Country municipal election

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Imagine! A leftist not involved in dirty tricks!

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