November 13/14 West Kelowna PUBLIC Forum

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November 13/14 West Kelowna PUBLIC Forum

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Well the forum last night was great. Just for the record only one of our currently elected (B.Winsby) showed up to the event. The rumor around the room was that the "majority" of the current council was boycotting the meeting due to only being informed of it on Sunday Nov.9/14 and it was too close to the election so they were afraid it would be a quote unquote "bear pit"(pathetic excuse) We know there were no council meetings last night as one of the councilors was present at the forum. So I would like to know what the excuse was for the current council members to not come and address the tax paying public? (great personable service) There was more than 1 person who spoke up in the room at the end when the public was invited to ask questions. To the current council, you didn't have much of a chance at my vote long ago, but you most definitely solidified that last night for being a no show. To the current mayor; you never had my vote, but you most definitely lost another room full of votes last night by slapping the residents of the community in the face by being a no show. It doesn't matter how close it is to the voting day so we don't want to hear that excuse for your ignorance. On another note there were great candidates out last night for council seats. Tanya Lister had excellent ideas and a great go getter type attitude with bringing the public information on council decisions and keeping doors open for the public to stay involved more in giving opinions. Rosalind Neis was spot on with her outlook on the future of what West Kelowna needs and the mayor that we deserve to have representing us "Steven Johnston". Garry Stabb is a new fresh face running for council and he has the public connections and excellent attitude to bring the small business community together with a Vibrant down town core and ideas for sustainability of our hometown. Bryden Winsby is a current council member (the only one who showed up) and he had some informative things to say, and all I can relay to him is good on him for standing out and being different from the rest of his co council members and actually seeming to care about the residents and atleast entertained their questions unlike the other complacent absent minded mayor and council. Hope everyone gets out to VOTE tomorrow !!!


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