Are we there yet?

Temporary forum for civic elections
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Are we there yet?

Post by Panzer130 »

I am just wondering if we really need this section of the forum anymore. It is sad just how insulting and malicious people are getting.

The elections are done and the results official. I would like to vote for this soap box to be closed please.
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Re: Are we there yet?

Post by Bsuds »

I'll second that. I don't see any need for it now that the elections are over.

Shut r down.
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Re: Are we there yet?

Post by George+ »

Uhhh...the same insults fly from some, in all forums.

Again and again.

How many deletes before one gets censored?
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Re: Are we there yet?

Post by Glacier »

Just leave it up. The next election will be here before we know it.
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Re: Are we there yet?

Post by Tacklewasher »

Where would Geoarge post then?
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Re: Are we there yet?

Post by Jo »

I was thinking the same thing, that it's almost time to shut 'er down.

I'm going to lock it and put it into the Archives where you can read it but not post. However, if there is any particular thread you want kept alive, send me a link along with the forum it should be in, and I'll do it. If you don't include the link AND the forum it should go in, then phooey on you, is all I can say. :-)

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