Election Signs

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Re: Election Signs

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Great Michael Buble look Jason. Just want to know - can you sing? :cursor:
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Re: Election Signs

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Captain77 wrote:Great Michael Buble look Jason. Just want to know - can you sing? :cursor:

Not even a little bit Captain77... I would like to say I am the best singer in my entire Jeep with the roof on and the windows up... but my daughters are both better singers than me... so I can't even claim that

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Re: Election Signs

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[quote by Jeannie]Sorry that you didn't like the colour but burgandy is one of my favourites.
I had my signs made right here in Penticton by Tony at Jaffa Industries and this discussion brings out a great question in a time where everyone is asking how we can spark our local economy, I wonder. How many Candidates purchased and had their signs made from a local, Penticon company?[/quote][/quote]

This is actually very interesting.

Jeannie,Jason and Julius.........(hey that has a ring to it) had ALL their signs(ugly or not) MADE in town and named where they were made. I know Konanz has visited this site and am curious ......did you purchased ALL your signs in town and have them MADE here as well. I have heard you can purchase your signs here but they are printed elsewhere to save on cost.

I was also disappointed when Konanz and her crew wearing vote Konanz shirts showed up at the hospital auxiliary appreciation dinner.......not the time nor place. Sorry to pick on you today but your sign at the end of the channel parkway (south side) is being displayed directly beside a memorial to someone who probably died in an MVA. It has been there for many weeks and I know you live in Kaleden so even though you did not place that sign there I am positive you drive by it almost everyday. Don't you think that is disrespectful????
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Re: Election Signs

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Sign companies must be making a killing.
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Re: Election Signs

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I had a strange feeling about the "shape" of Dan Ashton's campaign signs; I knew that I had seen them somewhere before so today I looked around the roadways and sure enough; I know where he got his idea from now. Now be assured that I am NOT calling anyone a name here; nothing of the sort (thats not allowed by forum rules, even IF twobits gets away with murder..lol). These are all legitimate highway signs in B.C. Dan wasn't quite right on the color though; his are slightly a brighter yellow. I still like Katie and Julius signs much better; more imaginative.
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Re: Election Signs

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My signs were all made and printed at ECM on Warren Avenue. They have great customer service, as I'm sure most of the other candidates have found with their local companies they worked with. It does boost the local economy, almost like a really good festival does!
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Re: Election Signs

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Moaning about election signs . Really?
They will all be gone in a few weeks , if all you have to moan about is the placement of election signs , heaven help us.!

Talk about a none issue..............

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