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To be honest, I don't check this forum everyday but it was brought to my attention that several comments have been made regarding my character and reasons for putting my name on the ballot for City Council.

Lets first address the comment made accusing me (and my campaign manager that I didn't know I had) of bad mouthing Julius Bloomfield.

I have been saying throughout my whole campaign I can work with any Mayor. Julius is a colleague and we have worked together since my first day as a Realtor. I will be happy to work with any Mayor elected.

I work in a very competitive and tough business and have many fellow Realtors that I call close friends, competitors or not.
I was also one of the youngest Realtors when I became licensed and have managed to build a successful business in a City where I had no prior connections before moving here. I believe to be a successful Realtor you need to be respected by your colleagues and I have worked hard the past eight years at building great working relationships amongst my peers.

Moving on to the questions regarding my platform content or questions regarding who is "pulling the strings" I can only speak for my self and not Helena and my reason for running is simple. I want to make a difference for the citizens of Penticton. I want people my age with families to stay here, find good jobs and thrive. I am sick of listings my clients houses so they can move to Alberta to find work.

I plan to do this by pushing our Economic Development office to be aggressive. Find new companies that want to move here. I am going to review our internal system within City Hall to make it user friendly and increase the speed at which we get things done. I am going to push hard that we get a better contract with Global Spectrum or we go find a better partner. We need to be aggressive in finding cost savings in our budget and I will do that.

Bottom line is this. I am running because I love this City and I want to make a difference.

If anyone reading this forum would like to ask me questions regarding my platform, please feel free to do so. My contact info is on my website or you can contact me through my facebook page.

Just to clarify about the signs. I had my signs ordered and waiting, as soon as I saw Helena's signs go up I put mine up the
following evening.


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Re: Konanz and Cavallo

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Good response, Jeannie. You have a LOT of support out there in my opinion, including mine. I will admit that at first I was slightly hesitant to vote for a realtor; however everyone deserves a chance and I think, after meeting and talking with you, I believe you will step out of the room, should any conflicts arise. Personality also enters into the picture, I think and approachability/openess. I believe you can do the job well. Most people that I talk to (ok, I dont talk to EVERYone...lol) are not voting for any incumbents; their records speak for themselves. Change is needed and soon. Best of luck in the election.
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Re: Konanz and Cavallo

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I too am glad you responded Jeannie. The fact that you do not even have a campaign manager as suggested speaks volumes on the credibility of beam-me-up-morrison's slanderous sources. I do have a request. If you should find yourself running again in 3 yrs, could you please tone down the signage?

Edit to add- As this is cleary now a direct attack on a candidate, perhaps the mods can remove the offending post and references to it.
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