4 Planes and a helicopter RC

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4 Planes and a helicopter RC

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Over a 1000$ worth of RC planes and helicopter were stolen from the front of 140 Calgary Avenue from apt#202. this was reported to the police today . We think it was someone who was watching our activities nearby. Because he put the boxes outside came in to call a cab. walked back out they were gne in under ten minutes. So for example the apt building across the has parking in the back. they could have drove around and picked them up that fast. Or some one could have reached out by phone and got someone nearby to pick them up by car, they are all in four ft high boxes 2 ft by 1 by 1 . and one small red plane and one boxed helicopter. If any one hears of any thing like this . Pls reach this email or call 778-476 -4728 or 250 462 7697. There is a reward offered , they have been reported may 2nd. at the RCMP in penticton. ALso Thanks to Every one locally who does support the RC Hobby. As we have had planes returned before by local community members. The person does not have a radio,. so they will either try to buy one. or try to ask what to do with them, or trying to sell them in a pawshop anywhere from here to the coast.

so I am praying and typing and calling all favours to get them back.PLEASE if you know anything feel free to write

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