Dix - Losing an unlosable election

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Dix - Losing an unlosable election

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May 12, 2013....

(UPDATED) Tsakumis’ Predictions for British Columbia Election 2013: A Strong NDP Majority…

http://alexgtsakumis.com/2013/05/12/tsa ... -majority/

A Strong NDP Majority. How did you reach that conclusion alex?

Over the last week, I’ve reviewed every single riding in this province and have weighed past results vs. current polling. I have had the benefit–and privilege (throughout my adult life)–of travelling this entire province and witnessing the majesty of this wondrous, but beleaguered place we call home.

I speak to people in almost every riding on a weekly basis. I have readers and listeners everywhere.

Slaps himself on the back.

May 14, 2013....

alex tsakumis wrote:In one of the most stunning upsets in BC electoral history, the scandal-plagued BC Liberal party has defeated the BC NDP, who, at one time, were 20 + points ahead of the then hobbling BC Liberals.

I’ll be back with my analysis of the polls.

He's still not back, but he did take the high road.

alex tsakumis wrote:In the meantime, my congratulations to Christy Clark and the BC Liberal party on their win. They ran an effective campaign against Adrian Dix who refused to take the gloves off. Regardless, politics is a blood sport and the people have spoken.

Yes alex, the people have spoken and they weren't listening to you.
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Re: Dix - Losing an unlosable election

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It's been amusing to observe these puffed up wannabe journalists eat humble pie.
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