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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by normaM »

Sue and I enjoyed many a Denny's breakfast and then a smoke in the parking lot.
She was a good friend when I needed someone to talk to... but I also knew of her poor health.
Her family will miss her.
Her family here will as well
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by LoneWolf_53 »

Sorry to read of this.

An enjoyable sparring partner and true enigma on the board.

R.I.P. Grammafreddy, the place won't be the same without that rolling pin.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by coffeeFreak »

Oh my goodness, this is such sad news. Grammafreddy, you will definitely be missed. RIP GF.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by JLives »

I'm shocked. Sue and I went out for drinks every once in awhile and always had a great time. She will be truly missed. RIP.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by prairieflower »

Such sad news. My condolences to her family on here and out there.... I have really enjoyed reading her opinions on things, her knowledge and simply seeing what she had to say on here. I will miss her. :-(
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by Glacier »

Wow, this is sad news. She had strong opinions and she could dish it out when we disagreed, but she never made it personal. I always appreciated that. She will be missed around here for it is the diversity of voices that makes Castanet what it is.

My condolences to her family, and RIP, sue.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by Queen K »

I am so sad.

When GrammaFreddy came to my house to pick up plants the first thing she did was give me an impossible run down on what all her careers were! Go Sue! We had some laughs and shared gardening stories and plants.

Then she discovered she locked her keys in her van. We almost died laughing trying to bend coat hangers to hook them out through the slightly open window. But she did it. Would not accept an offer for us to come over and get the sofa out of her van. She told us her ex was coming and he sure could do that!

She talked a lot about losing everything in to a house fire. How many people could bear that?

We had our ups and downs on Castanet, lots of PMs, private jokes and sometimes a hard clash, but you always knew where you stood. I wish I had her computer skills, I always admired how she could pull something off the net so easily.

When she inherited the house in Grand Forks it sounded so crazy, leaking ceilings pouring water down walls. I stand here to tell you all it was all too true. When she took us for a tour through the house it was awe inspiring. This grand old house her husband the banker of Grand Forks lived in it for years. Sue was right back at home in it, troubles and all. I was fortunate enough to meet the fellow she inherited as well as the house, turns out he was a good friend of my own family on my dad side. Small World it was meeting Sue.

I'm sure going to miss her posting on here. Whether Sue was laughing at us, with us or just taking an internet beating, she always came back with her plucky self and picked up where most would wither.

Rest in Peace Sue, you earned it!
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by kgcayenne »

I am sad.

She was pretty feisty and cool, and I'll miss her contribution to the Forums.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by Triple 6 »

Queenie that was a wonderful post.

I don't have a lot of words and nothings coming out right. so.... RIP Sue. xo. I will miss your contributions on the forum.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by Captain Awesome »

Oh my.

Sad. She was good people for sure.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by Piecemaker »

Like the rest of you, I am shocked and saddened by the loss of a forum friend. I appreciated Sue's straightforward manner and had many a chuckle about her idiosyncrasies. We exchanged the occasional PMs and met a few times for a little visit. My condolences to her family. She will be missed.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by Bpeep »

Oh geez. Only the good and young huh.
She was an absolute darling. One of the most non judgemental I have ever known.
I could chat with her forever. I'm saddened.
Her suffering from poor health is ended.
RIP Sue. We will all miss you.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by Daylily »

This is so unexpected and terribly sad.

I was lucky enough to meet Sue through this board and we had many enjoyable outings. It started with swapping plants and going for walks to take pictures of birds. I don't think there was a bird that woman didn't know! Sue once invited me to go on a picnic with her to Woodhaven Regional Park and it was just a pleasure to walk with her and learn so much about plants and animals and whatever else popped into her head.

We had other good times having breakfast at Denny's, lunch at the pub or just playing Wii bowling because she loved beating me. Sue had a great competitive spirit. One of my fondest memories is the day we decided to check out some antique stores in town. We only managed to go to 2 of them because we spent a couple hours in each checking everything out. Sue had such great stories and knowledge of things. She'd had so many life experiences and a wealth of knowledge to share.

Sue was without a doubt feisty. She loved being Chief Sh*t Disturber on here and got great pleasure from discussing most anything but especially local politics. She once invited me to an open house regarding the new downtown developments and I enjoyed watching her interacting with the City staff and being involved in something she cared so deeply about. She wasn't adverse to disagreeing with anyone but took the time to listen to the other side of the argument too. We enjoyed many lively (and sometimes heated) discussions but she let me win a few times too! She was intelligent, well spoken and just enjoyed people from all walks of life. Her life wasn't always easy but she didn't complain.

Sue spoke fondly of her family and her "smart as a whip" grandson. She was as proud as she could be about him and talked of him often. She also spoke of Ray and how much she enjoyed having him in her life.

My condolences to her family, Sue was a lovely lady with an extremely kind heart. She will be greatly missed.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by BoB76 »

Well I am saddened to hear of her passing while at the same time am sure she wouldn't want us being sad about it. She was a tough old bag that could take a good beating! Unfortunately now I feel bad for being the one sometimes......She always had a come back or some witty type of an answer. She will be missed.

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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by 1nick »

Very sad news.
I never had the chance to meet her.
I liked and respected her and you certainly had to be on your toes around her.
This place will be a little different without her.

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