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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by xjeepguy »

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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by ferri »

i was just thinking about the day BriTer and i went birding with grammafreddy. we went to the Chilcotin wetlands in Rutland and walked around the marsh there. she and i were doing a lot of grumping about the garbage that people left. we saw this:


and couldn't figure out why anyone would think that was okay. we bellyached about that for some time, then decided to walk on. as we are leaving grammafreddy said something like, "Well, that poor lost sole." i almost fell in the water i was laughing so hard. LOL
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by kgcayenne »

You know, I was puzzled about something she'd said to me in a PM back in December, it makes more sense now :'-( . I really enjoyed her photography equipment tips by PM.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by V-Rated »

This is so sad news. Some of us are part of the big family here and now we have lost a member. I'm so shocked and sad. Very young and still had lots of years ahead of her.
Rest in Peace GF!
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by Jo »

Here is Sue's obituary, with a guest book to sign: ... id=5986932
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by daria »

I only just saw this thread today. I am very sorry to hear of GF's passing. Her posts were always an interesting read! Condolences to her family and friends.

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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by Catz »

Awww....thank you very Jo.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by Sige »

OMG :*(

I just saw this and I have no words...
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by omisimaw »

Wow, just saw this thread.... what a total shock, so young!
Condolences to her family and friends.... we will miss her dearly
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by averagejoe »

I'm so sadden of hearing of Grammafreddy passing. We use to talk about her around our house always. Even though we didn't agree on a lot of things, we did exchange lots of PM. I was wondering why I haven't see anything from her as I always enjoyed and looked forward to her postings.

RIP Sue! You will be missed by all!
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by hardnut »

Here is the link to Sue's full obituary - - you may need to scroll down to see it. For anyone who might like to attend Sue's "celebration of life," as stated in the obituary, it is scheduled to take place 11:00 am, July 5, 2014 at the Anglican Church in Grand Forks. And, of course, it will NOT be a religious service.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by gardengirl »

I just heard this today. Such sad and shocking news. I always looked forward to her posts and reading her opinions on....pretty much everything. I have been away from the internet for over a month and got out of the loop on things. Thanks to the other member who pm'd me to let me know.

She will be missed.
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Re: Grammafreddy

Post by steven lloyd »

bye grammy :o(
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Re: Grammafreddy - obituary

Post by Thinktank »




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Re: Grammafreddy - obituary

Post by erinmore3775 »

Forthright common sense will be missed...thank you for being there.
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