Candidate signs

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Candidate signs

Post by geminii »

WHY in this day and age do we allow such blatant environmental contamination from these horribly ugly voter candidate signs?! There should be fines to pay to each party for all the pieces of plastic and metal waste left behind in ditches and creeks and rivers AFTER the election. HUGE thumbs down for this outdated event.
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Re: candidates signs

Post by Bpeep »

If they're going to fine political candidates for loosing or forgetting a sign, they need to fine peeps who leave yard sale signs up for months.
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Re: Candidate signs

Post by Lady tehMa »

I'll be glad when they're all down.

I personally think yard sale signs are a worse offense, because you go there only to find out it was a week, 2 weeks or a month previous - *argh*
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Re: Candidate signs

Post by GordonH »

Each candidate should be encouraging there helpers/volunteers to have every sign down within a week or less.
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