Scam phone call from Canadian Firefighters Curling Assn?

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Scam phone call from Canadian Firefighters Curling Assn?

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at 9:10am this morning I received what I believe was a scam call. I answered, there was a pause and then a male apologized for the automated call.
He said that he was collecting for the Canadian Firefighter's Curling Assn for the firefighters.
"There are 600 firefighters now fighting fires and they are heroes, etc etc etc. Can we count on your support?" and went on to ask how much they could count on from me so they could tally up the totals expected. He stated that someone would then contact me to make arrangements.

I said that I understood that firefighters do not make phone call requests for donations and basically ignored me and repeated the information again almost word for word adding that they also support Muscular Dystrophy. I then stated that if I were making a donation I would be taking it directly to a firehall. He then repeated for a third time the information lines and asked how much they count on. I hung up.

I went on line and there is indeed a Canadian Firefighter's Curling Assn. but there is nothing on their website regarding this campaign.

I contacted the Kelowna Fire Dept to tell them of this call and they knew nothing of this either and stated make donations directly to your local firehall if that is your choice.

A WARNING FOR ALL do not give out credit card information as this is probably some kind of scam.

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