Trio Non-disclosure Agreement - Really?

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Trio Non-disclosure Agreement - Really?

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As per front page Western News August 28, Trio is now claiming it was asked by the City to sign a non-disclosure agreement until contract was finalized. otherwise it, (Trio) would have communicated its plans and done some public consultation on its own.

The mayor implies he can't recall or is not aware of such an agreement and it may have been his staff's doing. Really? An agreement of this enormity and impact and the Mayor doesn't recall or know about the non-disclosure agreement.

Not knowing speaks to mayoral incompetence. Knowing and not admitting speaks to dishonesty. Which one is it? Let Trio reveal the non-disclosure agreement. Let's find out who the City signatories are on that contract and get to the bottom of this.
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Re: Trio Non-disclosure Agreement - Really?

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This is the new "Harper" defense. Everybody else in the office knows, but the big guy can claim he didn't know what was going on and he can pass the blame onto underlings.
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Re: Trio Non-disclosure Agreement - Really?

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Mayor Jak says they don't want to micro manage staff. That statement Mr mayor signifies to me that you and council are the puppets of city staff. What are you managing then? Photo ops. Council members must be under a gag order also since none of them are never heard from on these issues. Lucky for this group there was only one polling station cause half of you wouldn't be elected. Way to go staff.
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Re: Trio Non-disclosure Agreement - Really?

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