Save the turtles!

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Re: Save the turtles!

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*plugging my ears* - I didn't read that.....
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Re: Save the turtles!!!

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Fancy wrote:It's not like the turtles can outrun or hide from vehicles.

See, that's where evolution comes in handy. Only the fastest and the brightest will survive. Dumb and slow will die off. Evolution is beautiful.
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Re: Save the turtles!!!

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Captain Awesome wrote:Evolution is beautiful.

And so is Turtle Soup...ummmmmmmmnnnnuuuuummmnnnnuuummm
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Re: Save the turtles!

Post by danmartin »

I would imagine that the turtle hatch has ended for this year as it is getting quite cool out there! There seemed far more little ones killed on Commonage road then in other years? Maybe there was more hatched this year but more likely it was the increase in the traffic. I also saw at least ten dead adult ones! These turtles are endangered so I started this post just to make people aware of the situation and see if there were anything that could be done to help them out. Thanks to the person that posted the slow down sign because of the turtles. Obviously someone else can take the problem seriously.

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