Car Restoration/Hotrodding

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Car Restoration/Hotrodding

Post by Slander »

Greetings all,

Any other car nuts out there want to share information, resources, parts sourcing?

I'll start;

I'm rebuilding a 1953 Chevy 210 here in Summerland. I plan on hotrodding the 235 ci Stovebolt 6 that's in it (dual carbs, headers & lake pipes), dropping the rear end 2", and restoring the rest. Right now I'm rebuilding the front suspension and cleaning up/painting the undercarraige and wheel wells. It's going to linger in the 'ratrod' class until I get to paint and upholstery.

At the moment I'm looking for a drivers' side rocker molding, headlight bezels, and a second one-barrel Rochester carb.
Cheers ~ S'lander
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Re: Car Restoration/Hotrodding

Post by I Think »

A friend of mine in Seattle has a huge warehouse full of old car parts - he only does domestics. or 206 300 1083. You might tell him that I gave you his number. I parked my motor home in front of his shop for a few days in Oct, he is a really good guy.
His parts are new oem.
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Re: Car Restoration/Hotrodding

Post by JLives »

Once you get to the paint part I can recommend the best painter in town.
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Re: Car Restoration/Hotrodding

Post by Deepsix »

ill join in,

looking for parts for both my projects.

1967 acadian canso sd. ( same as the nova) as well looking for parts for my 1968 chevy c10 short box chevy. love to see pictures of car restorations, hot rods thru out the valley
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Re: Car Restoration/Hotrodding

Post by TylerM4 »

My experience has been that every model and generation have their own parts sources.

It also depends on what type of parts you are looking for. NOS or REPO?

Up in our neck of the woods, you don't stumble across a "hidden classics junkyard" like you may in the US. Anything that old has rotted out up here unless covered and cared for.

Also - everyone wants their own thing. For me: I want a classic that drives nice. Unless it's a rare or valuable vehicle, I'd be very tempted to keep everything "mostly stock" except the drivetrain. I'd want to swap in a more modern fuel injected engine and transmission. Friend of mine has one very similar tho I think it's a 54 or 55. 75 or 80km/hr is all he can do on the highway without over-reving the engine. I hear the v8 trucks had different gearing that allowed for closer to 100km/hr?

My only other advice - careful with the performance mods. I was young and went way over the top. Now I've got a vehicle that's scary fast but is difficult to drive, uncomfortable, and unreliable. It prevents me from using it, and I'm tired of fixing it.

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