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Old Duke

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Old Duke was driving to his favorite Thrift Store one day and crashed through its store-front.
As he got out, an employee came running over and asked, "Are you okay? You look pretty old
to still be driving."
"Well, yes I am," said Duke, " I'll be 98 next month and I'm old enough now that I don't even
need a driver's licence any more."
Surprised, the man said, "Really? How do you know?"

Old Duke replied, "Well, the last time I went to see the Doc, he asked me if I still had a licence,
So, I told him yes, took it out and handed it to him."
Well he took that licence and cut it up into little pieces and threw it away,

Then he told me, "You won't need that anymore !"
"Don't 'p' down my neck then tell me it's raining!"

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