First Day At The Seniors Complex

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First Day At The Seniors Complex

Post by dirtybiker »

On the first day at the Seniors Complex, the new manager addressed all the seniors,
pointing out some of the rules:
"The female sleeping quarters will be out-of-bounds for all males, and the male
dormitory to the females."
"Anyone caught breaking this rule will be fine $20 the first time."

She continued, "Anybody caught breaking this rule a second time will cost you
a fine of $60, Being caught a third time, $180, Are there any questions ?"

At this point an old gal stood up in the crowd and inquired,
"How much for a seasons pass ?"
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Re: First Day At The Seniors Complex

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:spitcoffee: I'm telling this one to all my co-workers!
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Re: First Day At The Seniors Complex

Post by Alexa1994 »

hahaha, Hilarious!!

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