How will the election results affect you personally?

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Re: How will the election results affect you personally?

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The Green Barbarian wrote:
krocky wrote:I think there might be some new people involved with the NDP by now but who knows.

That's the problem. There aren't any new people.

Exactly. Horgan is a recycled 90s dinosaur from the NDP. His social set is stuck in a bygone era, with his sexist, rude, mansplaining demeanor. His chief lieutenants are straight out of the 1990s too - Adrian Dix, Carole James, etc. They were all party henchmen in the Glen Clark era. And their policies - did they just dust off the 1996 platform? Because it's the same crapola - tax, tax, tax, spend, spend spend, no, no, no to everything.

A smaller government makes room for bigger citizens.

You can't spell "Liberal" without "Lie."

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