75 MILLION in unpaid bills

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75 MILLION in unpaid bills

Post by maryjane48 »

http://www.theprovince.com/news/local+n ... story.html

under the bclibs watch unpaid medical bill from non residents remain unpaid . campaign contributers ?
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Re: 75 MILLION in unpaid bills

Post by Urbane »

^^ From the article that you linked:

“We never deny urgent and emergent health care based on someone’s ability to pay,” D’Angelo said in an emailed response, “but we do expect to be compensated as our health care is not free, it is paid for by the taxpayers of B.C. and is intended for their use.”

You want urgent and emergent care denied if the out-of-province patient doesn't hand over the cash right away MJ??
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Re: 75 MILLION in unpaid bills

Post by stuphoto »

As far as I know the healthcare from other provinces pay when their residences need healthcare in BC. Although ambulances are different.

At least I have never been sent a bill when I saw doctors in Alberta, and even ended up in the emergency room in Yellowknife.

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