Denying the obvious

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Re: Denying the obvious

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maryjane48 wrote:and then theres this

BC Hydro’s recently released 2016-17 third-quarter report shows core domestic demand from residential, light industrial and large industrial customers at 35,892 gigawatt hours (GWh) for the nine-month period ending December 31 compared with 36,062 GWh for the same period a year earlier. The 2016-17 core domestic demand is down 3.1% from the same period 10 years ago, when it was 37,046 GWh.

The problem with you presenting facts such as this, in rabid pursuit of your agenda, is you fail to acknowledge the whys of those numbers.

The crash of 07/08 hurt a lot of industrial businesses so naturally the numbers would go down when your biggest users don't need power.

That's slowly turning around.

The push for people to be more green, by using less power, and converting things like appliances, water heaters, and most notably the switch from incandescent light bulbs to LED, something even the cities are doing with light poles, has also had a dramatic effect on power consumption.

The thing is though, once everyone has everything converted, so they have nowhere else they can cut consumption, and industrial demand increases, as well as the continued growth in population, the overall demand on the system will increase again.

Better to plan for the future and have that power, than to wait until it's too late, and wonder what are we going to do now, or worst case scenario our rates go through the roof because we have to purchase power elsewhere, when we can more cheaply produce our own.

You still haven't to this point in time, posted anything to prove that your beloved solar and wind generation, are capable of coming in anywhere near, the cost of power generated by one of our dams. Places that you've given as examples are all subsidized with the true cost of generation being multiple times that of hydro.

I have zero desire to subsidize your solar power generating equipment, simply so you can brag about how you are free from power bills and off the grid. Clearly that's what you are waiting for or you'd already have such a system. You may think you are sly but most of us see through you with ease.
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Re: Denying the obvious

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