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lasnomadas wrote:Wrong again as usual, OT. I vote for the candidate, not the party, unlike the Christy Cheerleaders. It's a well-known fact that if Charlie Manson got paroled, moved to B.C. and became leader of the BC Liberal Party, they'd win this election.......even if J.C. himself came back and ran for the NDP or the Greens.

Nonsense drama yet again, but have come to expect no less from you.

Do you require someone to direct you, to any of the many posts by you, declaring with certainty that the Liberals are history?

There are plenty of them.

Point being no one knows that for certain, well except you, and a couple of others, using posts as evidence.

Then again there's plenty of exaggeration in the site "C" thread as well, so maybe a body should just use that as a gauge. :biggrin:
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