What about schools as housing?

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What about schools as housing?

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We are still watering the school yards. There are protected open rooms for housing. There are working washrooms. There are kitchens for food prep and lunch rooms for mass people to eat. There are auditoriums for information.
We pay taxes on these buildings and they are closed up right now. Churches can only house and help so many.

What am I missing here? Politics? Don't want to mess up the buildings or play grounds? I'm sure there would be plenty of happy-to-help people able to work the cleaning.

I would guess there are rules or something stupid that says no but seriously, why not? We are having more fires daily and hundreds of people displaced. They are running out of places and people are getting pretty scared and cranky.

Just a thought.
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Re: What about schools as housing?

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It makes too much sense so it probably won't happen.
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Re: What about schools as housing?

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July 14, School District 23.

School District 23 superintendent Kevin Kaardal says the district was contacted by the ESS about housing evacuees and they immediately said yes.
He says the district makes sure custodians are on staff around the clock and the showers are operational.
The rest, he says, is looked after by Emergency Social Services.

https://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/2 ... g-evacuees
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Re: What about schools as housing?

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My workplace borders on the RSS (Rutland Senior Secondary) playing field.

Last night (July 16), a tractor trailer backed up to the RSS gym, and a forklift unloaded what looked to be a few hundred cots. There were at least four people there working well into the evening, presumably making the gym ready to receive evacuees.

good cause girl, your sentiment is correct, but I think you jumped the gun in criticizing SD 23 for not making it's properties available.
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Re: What about schools as housing?

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Already in the works to utilize schools if needed. How about volunteering to help out if needed. Be part of the solution ! See CORD Emergency Website - ESS link

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