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If achieving change is the highest priority for someone, then voting for the candidate most likely to result in that change is the best way to achieve it.

You're talking about something completely different. You're saying someone should vote for who they think is best-suited for the job. That's a completely different goal than wanting change. If the goal is strictly change, then what I outlined is the best way to do it.

If you don't vote for change (i.e. the person who can give you that change), then don't come back and whine for four years that it didn't happen.
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Re: Bob Schewe for Kelowna Mayor

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60-YEARS-in-Ktown wrote:Good thing not all people think that way.
Vote for who you think is best suited.
Even if they don't get it it's a show of support, and maybe they will run again or take some other job that needs their ideas.
Voting for a person you don't believe in is whacked thinking..

You are correct....if I vote for Dyas it will be because of his seemingly strong position on cleaning up in that sense I would be voting for him specifically, however, I need to hear more from him on his position on skyrising up the waterfront because I think he is of the same mind as current Mayor and council on that plan and I won't vote for that (knowingly)...

So, in saying that, if I vote for Mr. Shewe it seems he is more in line with my thinking on several issues and I would do that, but is he strong enough to upend current Mayor? Don't know if I vote for Dyas at least I'd get one thing ticked off my wish list being the downtown problems....

I see what Jonrox means by wasting a vote IF your plan is to oust Shewe strong enough - too soon to tell I think.

Scary because look what happened Provincially! Everyone who voted for the Greens on purpose ended up basically inadvertently voting for the NDP through backdoor planning and I'm betting most of them are royally peeved about that!

We also really need more people to run for council or we will just wind up with the same group....
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Re: Bob Schewe for Kelowna Mayor

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We will end up with basically the same group at City Council. The only one (that I know of) that isn't seeking reelection is Tracy Gray. But there's a new prospect called Loyal Woolridge that IS running and he is posting pictures of him with Tracy Gray in social media. So I assume they are birds of feather.

Looking at the 2 most contentious votes of current council I can only say I would definitely vote to re-elect:
-Charlie Hodge
-Ryan Donn
-Brad Sieben
-Mohini Singh

The issues I considered most controversial and negative as a whole were Freedom's Door (because it's 46 beds, male only facility in a residential area) and the approval of the Westcorp downtown hotel variance despite non-recommendation by the city planning department.

If Basran (and other councilors) can convince me they can fix Downtown and City Park in the next 4 years I don't mind voting for them either. I think Basran and current council are legitimately trying to fix Downtown and will do even more so however it is a big problem that also requires some long-range planning. I do think we will see noticeable improvements in the next 12 months as a result of:
-The non-renewal of the existing lease at the Cornerstone Shelter
-New supportive housing near Enterprise
-Proposed supportive housing on Agassiz

Furthermore the development of Ella on Lawrence/Ellis and Brooklyn on Bernard would increase residents and discourage the bad behaviors (but those don't come until 2019/2020 I believe).
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Re: Bob Schewe for Kelowna Mayor

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I like what this guy is saying. I don't deal with politics on an everyday basis but I know that Mayor fancy pants needs to go.

I know this is a stupid question but where is a good place to get information on the candidates to make sure I am going to make a proper choice in this election? (new to the adult world, need guidance, not smart when it come to the thing called life, still young (at heart) )

Me being new to this political crap I am sure I would do a better job at mayor than Mayor douchie *bleep*.
I guess I can thank CB for being the mayor because he has shown me I really do need to know what is going on around me and how it effects my life. Now because of him I can stand up and try and fight against the stupidity in and around my hometown.

Anyways inside thoughts are over, as of right now anyone but CB is better...... will choose someone proper once I know who is the perfect fit. So far Schewe has my vote.

just saying
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Re: Bob Schewe for Kelowna Mayor

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Hello Devilsspawn - Welcome to 'Adulting' :biggrin:

My suggestion would be to review what the candidates have posted on their websites/Facebook pages and attend any 'All Candidates Forums' you can as a means to learn more about each candidate. Also might be an idea to review City Council Meeting Minutes/videos to get a feel for what each of the incumbents stands for.

I know that there is an All Candidates Forum being held at Rutland Centennial Hall on Tuesday, October 2nd from 7pm to 9pm where you can meet and talk with candidates for Mayor, Councilor, and Board of Education Trustees.

Visit ... candidates for more information on each candidate.

If you want to learn more you can also call each candidate (using phone number off of the city website) and speak with them directly :)
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Re: Bob Schewe for Kelowna Mayor

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I didn't see anything on his site except for a few vague statements, a bunch of photos and a donate button.
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Re: Bob Schewe for Kelowna Mayor

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My name is Dennis Zahara. Born in Kelowna, I have lived here all of my life other than a few years while attending college and university in Vancouver and Victoria in the 1970's. I have seen Kelowna grow over the years from a small tourist town to a busy medium sized city. I have lately become concerned about the rapid growth and plans to spend over a billion tax dollars on infrastructure and capital projects that will change the face of our community over the next decade.
Although I realize that we can no longer keep Kelowna a secret from the rest of the world I am concerned that its rapid growth is making it harder for young struggling families and individuals who are making low to medium incomes to afford to find affordable housing. The cost of buying a home has become unrealistic to this segment of Kelowna's population and finding rental housing is becoming out of reach to many citizens.

The homeless issue is an obvious reflection of the huge divide created between the "haves" and the "have nots" in our community. This is one of the main issues that our city council must address for our city which is going through some growing pains. The city council who we will be electing on Oct 20th should be led by a strong and principled mayor who will find common sense, long term solutions to Kelowna's transient and homeless problems. Although shelters such as the Kelowna Mission and Inn From the Cold provide some much needed respite from the elements, they are only a short term, immediate fix for a much deeper problem. I dont believe that more policing, more court resources, more hospital services and more handouts are the answer. These are only short term actions required to temporarily deal with symptoms of the deeper problems of poverty, joblessness and drug abuse due to a segment of our population who has lost all hope of ever getting ahead in our society. We have offered band aides to cover up the appearance of those who need real help with affordable long term housing, drug and alcohol clinics and effective job training.

Bob Schewe is running for Mayor. I have known Bob for close to 15 years since he moved here from Manitoba. Although our political views may differ on other issues I believe that our views on Kelowna's homeless, Kelowna's housing crisis and its rapid growth are similar. I worked with "Bylaw Bob" in Kelowna's bylaw services department for close to a decade and we dealt with many city bylaw issues and both became quite familiar with the rules and regulations set by municipal council. I know that Bob Schewe has a good grasp of all sorts of bylaw related concerns including, but not limited to; traffic issues, neighbourhood complaints, building and zoning regulations, panhandling, parks and public spaces bylaws noise complaints as well as a host of other bylaw related matters. Bob Schewe has worked closely with the RCMP over the years and has attended provincial court on various occasions representing the city of Kelowna on bylaw matters. I have always known Bob Schewe to be a professional and thoughtful representative in his duties for the City of Kelowna and has come to love this community as I do. I have decided to endorse Bob Schewe in his bid to run for the Mayor of Kelowna. I believe that we need someone who will be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars, who will tackle Kelowna's homeless problem head-on and who will use his old fashioned common sense to tackle future problems with straight talk and by proposing good, long term solutions for our community.

If you don't agree on the direction that our current mayor is leading our city in please consider voting for Bob Schewe for our new mayor on Oct 20.
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Re: Bob Schewe for Kelowna Mayor

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I agree with previous sentiment that this guy's bylaw experience should not be a prerequisite for mayor.

Vote for Dyas to get Basran gone. :up:

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